Tuesday, August 14

Some random thoughts and a funny from Pinterest

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  • Orange Seed is officially in the correct head down position (wahoo!) But this means I must consciously remind myself not to waddle. Caught THAT beautiful image on my way into the store yesterday. I'm pretty sure I let out an audible "oh crap". Hello, most awkward phase of pregnancy, thanks for stopping by. You can be on your way now. okthanks.
  • The Dr. (who we are SO sad to leave because she's pretty much the best ever) also told us where his feet and little bum are. Which means that whenever something usually starts to push out I now know it is his bum. It's like he's saying "Look at my bum mom!" That Orange Seed is kinda cute.
  • Turns out I'm measuring exactly at 29 weeks today, which is exactly where I'm supposed to be. So I'm going to try to stop worrying when people tell me I look so small. Wish me luck, knowing me I'll worry anyway.
  • Does anyone else quote Princess Bride and Friends on a daily basis? Just me? Crap.
  • I'm wondering if the overly sappyness will go away after Orange Seed is born. Or if it will just get worse. Because I swear more movie trailers/commercials make me cry than usual.
  • There was this super awkward moment a few weeks ago when my hubby and I went to lunch with his dad and a couple co-workers to a Mexican restaurant and the waitress thought I ordered a plain (as in no sauce or anything) enchilada, when really I asked for a plain quesadilla. What was more awkward was actually pretending that's what I ordered. Yes, I'd like a rolled corn tortilla with cheese in it. Thank you.
  • My Camelbak water bottle with a straw/bit valve is the best thing ever. It's like an adult appropriate sippy cup. 
  • Dancing in my bedroom to Britney Spears is becoming way less attractive now that I've got a big ol' belly bouncing around. Good thing no one is around because that is a sight I wouldn't even want my hubby to see.
  • I recently found a note I kept from my favorite teacher in HS who defined me as: "Lauraology: The busy study of nothing and everything." Though I'm still not sure whether this is description is a positive one.
  • If you're in Utah or Scottsdale, AZ, you've gotta check out Sweet Tooth Fairy. For a girl who bakes, I'm usually a pretty harsh critic of bakeries and this one takes the cake (pun intended). My favorites are the Red Velvet & Strawberry Shortcake. Although the Chocolate w/Salted Caramel frosting can rock your world too.
  • My belly is now the perfect size for resting things. Like a bowl of Captain Crunch. 

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