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So, the hubby and I have this thing we started before we were even married. It's our version of a bucket list and we call it our "100 List." It's 100 things we want to do before we turn 100 years old. It may change a bit with time, but it WILL all happen. Come on universe, don't let us down!
  1. Live in Europe at least one year
  2. Europe pilgrimage
  3. Go skydiving
  4. Go to every state
  5. Go to South Africa
  6. Go on an African Safari
  7. Do a church history tour
  8. Go on a couples mission
  9. Own a boutique hotel
  10. Go to 50 temples
  11. Climb a mountain (ie. Mt. Rainier)
  12. Do a "rugged" triathlon
  13. Baja 500
  14. Swim with the dolphins
  15. Go spelunking
  16. Go to Bora Bora
  17. Go to Cambodia
  18. Around the world trip
  19. Visit the Great Wall of China
  20. Own a cabin
  21. Start "Change for Children" foundation
  22. Open dessert boutique and/or full line restaurant
  23. Own a Great Dane named "Aston Martin"
  24. Go on a cruise
  25. Visit the tip of South America
  26. Visit the original 7 Wonders of the World
  27. Go to Yellowstone and see Old Faithful erupt
  28. Pet a large wild cat
  29. Ride an elephant
  30. Visit Dubai and stay at the "Atlantis" hotel
  31. Drive a supercar
  32. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  33. Hike the subway
  34. Hike the narrows
  35. Adopt a child
  36. Race semi-trucks on a straight-way
  37. Take ski vacations at the top 5 ski resorts
  38. Stay at the Bellagio
  39. Own a pair of Ducatis
  40. Go sailing
  41. Own timeshare in tropical place
  42. White water rafting trip
  43. Visit Glacier National Park
  44. Visit Mount Rushmore
  45. Kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower
  46. Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
  47. Own two horses
  48. Go to a Dude Ranch with guns allowed and dress as cowboys
  49. Visit Machu Puchu in Peru
  50. Book of Mormon ruins tour
  51. Make one million dollars
  52. Own wakeboarding boat
  53. Stay in a castle
  54. Own a zoo
  55. Visit Egypt
  56. Ride camels
  57. Take a boat down the Nile River
  58. Go on a showboat on the Mississippi River
  59. Go see a Broadway show in NYC
  60. Go to an opera in Italy
  61. Ride gondolas in Venice
  62. Do something extreme in Interlaken, Switzerland
  63. See a Riverdance show
  64. See 5 Cirque De Solei shows
  65. See a play in London
  66. See a Shakespeare play at "The Globe"
  67. Have college tuition fund for every child
  68. Be temple workers
  69. Design a home
  70. Fly first class
  71. Carriage ride in Central Park
  72. Stay at a Four Seasons hotel
  73. Visit Casablanca and watch the movie on the flight there
  74. Visit the Greek Isles
  75. Own a peacock
  76. Go to an NFL game
  77. Go to a World Cup game
  78. See the Festival of Lights in person
  79. Race speedboats
  80. Fly in a private jet
  81. Visit Stonehenge
  82. Visit Buckingham Palace
  83. Go see the Disney Castle in Germany
  84. Own a houseboat timeshare on Lake Powell
  85. Hike down the Grand Canyon
  86. Build someone a house in a 3rd world country
  87. Learn a foreign language
  88. Visit Jerusalem
  89. Visit Anne Frank house & holocaust sites
  90. Own a house with hidden doorways/rooms
  91. Visit Hearst castle
  92. Go to Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade
  93. Go to Bali
  94. Visit Australia & New Zealand
  95. Start yearly family reunions when our last child goes to college
  96. Take a trip on a train (at least 3 nights) like how they used to travel
  97. Take our kids somewhere for a major Humanitarian Project
  98. See Swan Lake performed by the Moscow Ballet Company in Moscow
  99. See the Passion play in Germany
  100. Live to be 100

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