Tuesday, August 21

Shark Week


I've never been a huge fan of sharks. In fact, I am really quite terrified of them. But I am not terrified of cupcakes. Especially cute ones with a shark fin sticking out. And although taste-wise these weren't the best I've ever done - I mean...it's a white cupcake with strawberry filling & buttercream frosting - they were still fun to make. And don't worry, I made sure to watch a few nights of Shark Week with the hubby to adequately prepare myself for living in LA where the chance of a shark attack is slim, but still a chance. And seeing how my hubby loves to surf AND there was a recent Great White attack in Malibu where he's planning on surfing, it was a great. My nerves are now officially on overdrive.

PS - Don't mind the messy pic of when I cut it open, I used a sharp knife and everything but that sucker didn't want to work with me.



I used a white cupcake mix with 1c sour cream added  to the batter. Then I baked them as usual, cooled them completely and then cut out the center with an apple corer and filled it with strawberry preserves for the "blood". I added blue food coloring to this recipe for the frosting since I love how stiff it is without sacrificing taste, but cut it in half since it makes a ton. For the fins, I used black cardstock and this technique to get the right fin angle. Since I'm no artist I was super stoked I didn't need to free hand those suckers. 

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