Thursday, July 17

Its {the 2nd} most wonderful time of the year!

Guess what guys?! It's that time of the year again! So You Think You Can Dance is back!!!! I'm a few weeks behind, but watching the top 20 has already brought me to tears. Get ready for lots of videos to follow, but here is my favorite so far. Stacey Tookey never ceases to amaze me. Although she said this piece was about enjoying life in the here and now, I got a somewhat different message from it. To me it seemed to be about a couple who were there for each other through everything. The good times and the bad. The hardships and the joys. I loved how Carly (the girl) looked so delicate in her dress, but was actually so strong for Rudy (the guy). It was so beautifully done with the musicality of the song and reminded me of how my amazing hubby is always there for me when I need him to be. Plus it had that beautiful flowy dress and some wind, so it was pretty much a win from the get go.

And my two other favs from the top 20:

Bridget & Stanley
Jessica & Rickey

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