Wednesday, February 22


Today is pretty much the 2nd best day in the year. Why you ask? And even if you didn't ask, you should have, so let me tell you - it's my hubby's bday!! (The 1st best day of the year is of course, my bday...Nov 7th...hint hint). Anyhoo, I've got a stellar gift for him -  STELLAR I tell you! But sadly it's not arriving until May. Sooooo we're gonna party like rockstars on Friday with a poker tournament and today we enjoyed a pretty scrumptious lunch at Blue Lemon, which reminds us just a bit of LA where we met. Have I told you that story? No? Oh well, another time then. But in homage to my beau's bday, enjoy some pics of our dating-ship and marriage. And be prepared...there are gonna be a ton of pics. Ready?

{Our first date - my sister still won't forgive him. And I quote: "Loss of cool points!"}

 {The Santa Monica Pier was one of our favorite places to go. And yes, he still makes me laugh}

{Ice Skating in Santa Monica = awesome}

{The awesome light display at LACMA}

{Freezing at dinner before the Shiny Toy Guns concert}

{Our first day in Costa Rica!!!!!}

{We ate Chinese Food out of an abandoned bus, then said a prayer we wouldn't die}

{The epitome of our body temperatures} 

{On  the way up to Monteverde}

{We did some canyoning - which is something I never want to do again, but I love that I did once so I can say that I did}

{Dinner at PF Changs}

{We take mini golf very seriously}

{I can't even tell you how much we loved the beach}

{I'm telling you - we party like rockstars}

{You may not be able to tell, but there are elephants standing on their heads behind us! We heart the circus!}

{The AMAZING Annual Film Festival at our church}

{That year's theme was Alfred Hitchcock and the invitation said "Dressed to Kill." Soooo we did.}

{On tax day I found this awesome deal for airline tickets for $15 each way to Seattle....well to an airport a bit north of Seattle actually. Which means we had fun on planes, trains AND automobiles to visit my home town.}

{The cliche, but very necessary Pike's Place Pig picture}

{Our first baby: Meet Cooper}

{Our first air soft gun war. After a couple hours it was a draw. And yes, that is a Delorean in the background.}

{The night he popped the question!................and I said yes! - I know you were all holding your breath}

{So we sent out some announcements}

{Joe took me snowboarding for the first time ever.}

{Decided to give curling a try.}

{Coop got all growed up and graduated puppy class.}

{And a few months later we got ourselves hitched!}

Since redundancy isn't fun for anyone, the rest of our story up until now (ie. Wedding pics, Europe trip, Honeymoon, London's arrival, & etc) is on our family blog.

Happy Birthday my love! I couldn't ask for a better best friend and hubby. You've even started putting your dirty socks in the laundry. Woah. :) I love you!

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  1. Wonderful pictures and memories! I love you both!! I'm so glad and grateful you joined our family, Laura!! Joe is a GOOD MAN...and a VERY LUCKY and BLESSED one, too--to have discovered YOU as his soul mate!!
    All my love,
    Momma Kathy--SMILE!!

  2. Thanks, Laura! Wonderful pictures!! GREAT memories to share! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Joe!! I love YOU two!!