Thursday, February 16

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

So someone told me the other day "Laura, you're normal........for being weird." Let me tell you -  that is probably one of the truest statements ever made. Luckily, I've locked myself down an excellent beau who is stuck with my normal weirdness forever :)


{Jeans & Scarf: F21, Shoes: Target, Henley: JCPenny's}
  • Finding that whenever I have to talk to my {amazingly talented and beautiful} dance coach I can't form proper sentences and stand there babbling like an idiot. 
  • This random guy at a truck stop legitimacy thinking that Joe {the hubby} was from Mexico and not letting it drop. It didn't help that Joe admitted he did speak Spanish fluently.
  • Accidentally hitting my dance partners butt on the way to another partner everyone got a good laugh and I even squeaked out an embarrassed giggle. 
  • My face falling off (literally) from my facial last Friday and my new skincare regimen. I seriously want to carry around a sign that says: "I promise I am not a leper."
  • (If you're squeamish pass over this one, I sure wish I could). While at said truck stop, finding a bag of trucker poo and accidentally getting it on the tarp we were trying to cover the truck with. With the wind whipping I was praying as hard as I could that it would not touch me. Luckily the hubby and I were both safe, but Mr. Trucker, next time please at least find a dumpster.
  • Practicing my monologue for my acting class at school, which involved squeezing real tears out of my eyes and London hopping down from her nap on the bed to console me. 
  • This MASSIVELY huge bruise I got on my inner thigh from snowboarding. I'm not kidding peeps, it was like the size of Antarctica.
  • After accidentally taking my dead Kindle all the way to Texas, finding a pay-by-the-minute charger in the airport on my way home. Score!
  • Even though the after effects of my facial and regimen is terrible, it is AWESOME that my step-mother-in-law took the time to help me out. I'm looking forward to the perfect skin that is underneath my painfully dying skin cells.

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