Friday, January 27

Friday Faves

This week my hubby left me for Sundance so I've only seen him when one of us is half asleep, which makes for zero conversations and somewhat sloppy kisses. But all of that changes tonight when I get to actually go on a date with him! I'm stoked to actually have a conversation with him face-to-face....especially since he's got such a cute one :) But enough of the gushy stuff - here are my favorite things this week:

Favorite Healthy Snack: Vanilla Greek Yogurt w/Honey

I had a bad experience with Greek yogurt in the past so it's taken me a really really long time and lots of purchased then thrown away yogurts for me to give it another chance. But now I'm addicted - mix any brand of vanilla (the more protein the better) with about a tbsp of honey and you won't go back to the normal stuff.

Favorite TV Show: Happy Endings

This show is like Friends & How I Met Your Mother combined. And possibly even better. Yeah - I said it. 

Favorite Lipstuff: Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain

This stuff is the best stain EVER. It's basically like using a sharpie marker on your lips. Only it's not toxic and doesn't smell weird and it can come off with makeup remover. 

Favorite Couture Photo:

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I'm pretty sure if I owned this dress I would FIND an excuse to wear it. Do you think if I got all dolled up and crashed the red carpet I could get away with it? Maybe I could pretend to be Lady Gaga's OTHER alter ego.
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