Thursday, January 12

Awkward & Awesome Thursday #1

I've fallen in love with Syd's Awesome & Awkward Thrusdays. In LOVE people. So I've decided to adapt the practice since I swear there are both awkward & awesome things that happen to me every stinkin day. The trick is remembering them....


  • Doing a flexibility test in my flexibility class and having my partner and the teacher both go "woah!" Apparently I have a weirdly flexible lower back. 
  • Being forced to act like a three year old in my acting class on campus.!
  • Walking around this building on campus in circles looking for my classroom - why oh why do they not have building directories??
  • Forgetting my deodorant in the car and having to use the hubbys this morning. Don't worry I doused on lots of PINK body spray to cover the uber masculine scent. 
  • Losing terribly in the game we played in French today - I'm pretty sure I was the person in the middle of the circle the most, which wasn't a good thing.
  • When all hope was lost, finding all my textbooks online for less than half the price they were at the bookstore - I saved about $300!
  • All my classes! Well, almost.....Intro to International Relations might turn out to be lame.
  • Finding out that auditions for the U of U Ballroom Dance Team are this Saturday! Wish me luck!
  • Going to the temple tonight. 
  • These super duper yummy baked cheese taquitos I made for dinner last night. YUM.
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