Thursday, January 19

Awkward & Awesome Thursday #2


 - Trying to remember how to do the right hip rolls in Samba, let me tell you it is not an easy task and I look ridiculous trying to figure it out again.
 - My French teacher asking me (in front of the class, mind you) how old my husband was and me replying that we've been married for two years.
 - Doing the awesome-est face plant while going down heel-side snowboarding yesterday.
 - Being passed on the bunny slope by bite-sized children on skis.
 - Cutting my own bangs too short after doing it right a million times before. It's been a week and they still haven't decided to cooperate. Thanks, guys.
 - Feeling old because I don't know how to appropriately use hash tags.


 - Finally getting the heel-side down the mountain thing and feeling pretty confident (minus the face plant).
 - Going to Rexburg tomorrow to see the fam and my awesome niece take on Jr Miss.
 - Making my school's ballroom dance team! WAHOO!
 - My cute husband who makes dinner for AND puts away the dishes after he's had a 11 hour work day because he knows I've had an even longer one.
 - A certain show (that shall not be named because it is WAY too embarrassing) is on tonight. YES.
 - The girl in my acting class not holding back and smacking the other guy across the face in their improv scene. #itwasawesome (.......was that right??)
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