Tuesday, June 12

Sweet Tooth


I've always had a sweet tooth. I blame my mom - we went on "candy runs" since I was four and it was always so magical. I still pull the white wrapper taut to see what flavors of Mambas are inside (although they're onto us and now use extra thick wrappers so you can't tell if you have that perfect Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry pack or if you got a dud with a Lemon......which I totally did the other day). And I remember going through tons of those Necco Tart packs to find the ones with the most oranges and pinks. Oh and circus peanuts! How could I forget you? Well anyway, I've always loved me some sweets and it turns out Orange Seed is no different. I've tried somewhat successfully to cut back on the sugars since putting on and working off my "Freshman 15" in college (somewhat being the key word) but since I've been knocked up I can't get enough sugar. We're talking about the I'll-do-anything-for-something-sweet type of high that can get you in trouble with the dentist. So the other day I made my own version of these lemonade cupcakes with raspberry frosting I mentioned last week and since the recipe needs to be tweaked to be perfect (I mean...those are some FLAT cupcakes), I won't share how I made them...but perfect or not those babies are getting gobbled up by yours truly. Although I'm still blaming the little guy for my actions....and there's not too much he can do about it [Insert evil laugh here].

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