Thursday, May 17

One Month

Dear Blog,

It has been exactly ONE month since my last post. I let you in on a big secret and then left you hanging. That. Is. Terrible. Will you ever forgive me? I promise I thought about you every single day that I was missing. It's just that between the dance showcase and other dance performances, finals, prepping for TWO trips (one without my hubby's knowledge...but more on that later), planning Girls Camp (I was called as the Camp Director at my church for this Girl's Camp program...did I ever tell you that? I can't even remember), and just generally being pooped because of the whole being prego thing I was a serious blog slacker. The past three days I haven't even stepped foot outside my apartment. I've just been playing catch-up with my to-do list with semi-productive motivation. So here's a little list of what's happened the past month, some random thoughts ('cuz I know we both LOVE those) and hopefully I can get back on the blogging bandwagon and enter into your good graces again.



PS - I'm still kinda ticked about that one post that I wrote last Sunday and you erased without saving, so shall we call it even? Thought so.

 - Took a road trip to LA for my co-Maid of Honor's wedding! It was amazing...especially the ring ceremony at the coolest Baptist church ever.
 - Surprised my hubby as a late bday present by kidnapping him during the work day and flying him to Mexico for a surf trip....full story yet to come :)
 - Read an awesome article that made me realize that I don't need to be perfect and compare myself to the blog next door or the person in Target that looks like a model with three perfect kids. It's gonna take some time, but I've decided the most important thing to me is my family and being a good wife/mother, but not trying to be a perfect one because that's when I feel pretty lousy about myself for falling short. I can't tell you how many times I've cried to the hubby saying "I'm sorry I'm not perfect".  And that's ridiculous, no one is, so I need to be happy for doing the best I can and being content with just being good or even great at times. (I had lots to say about this article until Blogger rudely decided to erase it without any warning, but that's the Reader's Digest version).
 - Experiencing dance withdrawals.....give me one year and I'll be back there shaking my post baby booty again.
 - Stoked for this, thisthis. I mean this and this were awesome so it's gonna be a good summer.
 - Seeing The Avengers at a preview screening the Tuesday before it came out. Yeah. It was freaking rad. (Thanks Katie!)
 - Just heard this song on Pandora and was reminded of how in one pivotal point in my life this described exactly what I had to go through and I am SO glad I made that choice so I can be with hubby and Orange Seed now. (And one day with Apple Seed, Pomegranate Seed, Lemon Seed and Cherry Seed too).
 - Reading 4 books in 6 days on vacation.
 - Trying to get over this stage of pregnancy where I feel more fat than pregnant and can't wear enough loose shirts.
 - Loving this version of Gotye's song "Somebody That I Used To Know". In my opinion, the chick has a way cooler voice.
 - The season finale of a show that shall not be named because it is WAYY too embarrassing but was possibly the best season finale I've ever seen. Didn't even see that twist coming and it was RAD. I cried, laughed and gasped the whole way through. Thank you guilty pleasure.
 - Trying to contain my excitement for finding out if Orange Seed is a little mr or miss tomorrow afternoon!! (I'm still betting on it to be a boy).
 - Making life changing decisions about school once again. Turns out I won't be going back after Orange Seed is born, but will be working full time for a bit instead. It was a crazy hard decision to make since I was pretty stoked to be a full time mom, but it's needed at the moment and I feel at peace about our decision.
 - Going to the LA zoo with the two of the cutest nieces around and seeing an armadillo up close. They are super creepy, btw.
 - Yogurtland. Enough said. GASP - JUST found out there's two in Utah. FINALLY my life is complete. Going immediately....
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