Tuesday, May 22

Weekly Pinterest Picks

So I'm pretty excited to finally get back to posting about pinning. Because the last few weeks when my Pinterest account thought I lost interest was hard on both of us. Now I'm back, pinning like a mad woman and all is right in the world. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on if this is your thing or not), I've been pinning lots of fashion-y awesomeness that I've got to share with you before I explode.

This dress made me gasp when I saw it. And then I realized it was quite similar to my wedding dress which I designed...and that made me very, very happy.
oh. my. gosh.
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If I was on Gossip Girl, I would politely demand that I wear this for part of an episode. The back is to die for. Sometimes those ads on the side of Pandora really do pay off.
I desperately want this dressThe back is to die for
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Kate Middleton. Of COURSE its elegant and gorgeous and perfect. I'm starting to think I would wear every single thing in her closet. Crazy hats included.
Spring style: The floaty dress featured a jewelled waist belt and netted shouldersSpring style: The floaty dress featured a jewelled waist belt and netted shoulders
{More pics, including her amazing updo found here}

Seriously, whoever came up with this lace detailing is a genius.
Love the detail
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Is this not the cutest little swimsuit ever?
straight from the 50s
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Okay, this is how you do tulle. 
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