Wednesday, March 7

The greatest worst trip ever

Remember the time when my hubby left me for some dysfunctional wires? {Don't remember? This, thisthis & this will help jog your memory}. Welp, here are the deets from the trip. I know. FINALLY.

{The truck}


{The hubby working hard}


{I tried to keep myself entertained, but I'll be honest, I was pr-etty bored}

{When we decided to call it a day, we had to strap a new tarp down, which was a little bitty adventure on its own}

{The next day we couldn't really do anything since all the mechanics were closed, so we headed to the mall. Like 14 yr olds. It was there we found a said mall....only in Texas}

{We ALSO found that you can get your taxes done just outside of the food court. Score.}

{We got these chair massages and mine basically felt like I was getting punched in the back}

{We then hit the mall arcade, okay so maybe we were like 12 yr olds, and I TOTALLY beat the hubby at air hockey!}

{When we left lunch to walk back to our hotel, it was POURING and apparently Houston doesn't believe in sidewalks. You can't tell from the pic, but I was soaked and even had water puddles IN my boots. Is that not the WORST feeling EVER?}
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