Thursday, March 8

Here Comes The Sun

I have been singing this song all morning. I also have some good and bad news. The good news is that it is a gorgeous day outside, hence the song stuck in my head. The bad news......I must have acclimated to this weird state's weather because its only 40 degrees outside and I'm ready to put on a tshirt and flip flops. Boo. Anyway, the sun is seriously my favorite thing in the world. But not if it's still cold out. That's just a mean trick. That's why summer = perfection. I know what you're thinking, but I'm not like everyone else out there who claims they love the sun. It's a serious issue with me. Let me illustrate: Growing up in Washington I basically looked like this:

Then I discovered tanning in High School and looked like this:

But I also looked like this:

Okay not really. But the point is the sun makes me want to go running through the hills while singing a song like I'm living in a musical. PS - who DOESNT want to live in a musical? Just me? Oh. Well at least I'm not totally alone in the sun makes me happy thing. There's apparently even a disease. SAD or whatever. Good thing the hubby and I are planning to live in CA for the rest of our lives. Because orange is not a good color for me. 
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