Saturday, December 22

You've sucked us in again, Utah.

For Christmas this year we made the trek out to UT since it's the hubby's year and his fam had yet to see the brand new (and first!) grand baby. We were going to fly, since we've done the 10 hour drive enough times to last a lifetime, but as it turns out, the pups would cost about $600(!) to take with us. So, driving it was! I was hoping H would sleep for 4-5 hours like he usually does in the morning so we'd only need to stop once to feed him. But, alas, on this particular day he decided to wake up every three hours.....making the trip more like 12 hours. It's a good thing he's so dang cute.

We made sure to stop at really awesome places to feed Holden. Like the abandoned building  pictured above that was just off the side of the freeway in nowhereville and then later on a veteran cemetery. We're just rad parents like that.

Traveling with a babe is no joke. Our car was filled the brim and the poor pooches had to make do.

I took on a whole new level of brave by letting the hubby change H's diaper on my lap. Thank goodness the bugger didn't decide that it would be funny to pee on mom. .;

Then, two days later we were heading over to the hubby's dad's house when traffic stopped immediately. We quickly pulled off to the shoulder, and then BAM! the guy behind us slammed into us. Thankfully everyone was okay (Holden even slept through it!), but my back got pretty messed up. Still, knowing it could have been SO. MUCH. WORSE. I'll take the bad back. SO - we're back in Utah until our tailpipe gets put back into it's proper place, which the body shop says will be around Jan 4th. Blerg. But, on the positive side, that means we have free baby sitting for another two weeks - score!

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