Saturday, October 6

The 8 Month Bump

Get ready to see some naked belly pics! And some randomness about the "joys" of pregnancy. Because at this point if I don't call it a "joy" I'm pretty sure explicit words would come out instead. And since I truly am grateful to even BE prego, I wouldn't want to do anything to taint that. Okay now for the naked-belly-ness:

And the randomness:

  - After 7 months of no stretch marks I thought I was part of the 1% of lucky women who don't get them. I even praised my stretchy skin for being so awesome. Whelp - I'm here to tell you that they've come in. And with a vengeance.
 - Sciatica. Seriously. Sucks.
 - I'm pretty sure full term should be 37 weeks. Because that's where I'm at right now and I'm convinced that 3 more weeks is completely unnecessary.
 - On that note: I've decided that next Friday (Oct 12) will be the day I go into labor and deliver little Orange Seed. I've been giving him pep talks for the last week and since I've let him take over my body for the past almost year (or what feels like it) and since I'm sacrificing said body in order to bring him into this world he has no choice but to listen. I mean, it would be pretty rude of him not to.
 - The CA heat finally kicked into gear the cliche prego heat wave every woman feels. The hubby has only once tried to turn off the AC when I wasn't looking. He's a quick learner.
 - I've given up on the belly button making it's debut. It's a stubborn little bugger that refuses to pop on out.

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  1. You are all belly! Absolutely beautiful! The last trimester is the hardest part! You've got a wonderful mindset about those "joys" ;) hang in there!