Thursday, March 4

The Hair That Almost Was

As I was searching around for wedding hairstyles, I came across this romantic, side swept hair do. I loved it immediately and have only grown to love it more with time.

Back in December I went to a pretty nice hair salon to have my hair colored. I showed my stylist the picture below and she replied that it would be "Easy!" and  "No problem!" I sat there in the chair - my excitement building.......

Girls, you all know what I'm talking about. When you go into the hair salon and want to try out a new color, cut or style that you've been obsessing over. You can hardly wait until they turn you back around in the chair so you can see the finished product!! This was exactly how I felt while she styled my hair. When she turned me around I almost laughed - it was NOTHING like the photo! Don't get me wrong, my hair looked better than it ever had. But it was just NOT what I wanted.

So I did what almost any girl would do in this situation. I pretended it was the best thing since spandex pants and left singing my stylist's praises with the firm resolve to have it done right someday.

Now let me explain why this is more than just a cute 'do. I don't proclaim to be anything close to an actual hair professional, but I've always been able to be a bit better than the average bear. Maybe not on a daily basis - but when I want a particular style I'll put some real time and effort into it. I can usually pick up the correct techniques by watching or feeling someone do my hair. However - this style completely eludes me as to how it is done. I feel that it is fairly simple - and yet I haven't even attempted it becasue I have no idea where to begin. If you have any suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them. Especially since I will be asking every hairstylist to do this until the day I successfully walk away looking like the model in the picture. Hair-wise at least. :)

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  1. It seems a little like a brushed out large curling iron sort of thing...