Thursday, August 8


Dear Blog,


Oh, how I've missed you.

These past 4 months (and really this entire year) shall henceforth and forever be known as "the black hole of 2013". A time where I didn't record the important things in life like, what I ate that day, how Holden tormented Cooper & London, what I wore and MOST importantly my thoughts on the adorable new royal baby. (Loved Kate even more when she came out of the hospital proudly showing her postpartum baby bump, BTW).

But I solemnly swear that these crucial details will no longer be left in the dust!!! I call for a new order of blogifying. One where I shall enlighten the masses few faithfully following with all sorts of probably-only-interesting-to-my-mom details. Hurrah!

And in honor of this proclamation I give you. . . . . .


You're Welcome.


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