Thursday, April 11

Little Fist Bumps

Well, that four month break was unexpected. Things are still pretty rough around here but I have GOT to get back to this. Working a full time job at home while being a full time mom plus a calling at church PLUS all that was stressing me out before that is sticking around means that time is less than scarce and I am more than overwhelmed. I'm sure you understand being busy too. But I want to blog at LEAST once a week again. So. There's that.

And I firmly believe that when things are down that's when God can show you little miracles, or little fist bumps. For us this has been evident. Little fist bumps that come in all shapes and forms. 

A gift card//
Much needed advice from a newly found friend
//Another gift card
//A phone call//An unexpected package//
A Girls Night Out//Carrot Cake
//Charity at it's finest//A General Conference talk
//Et Cetera

And just like that I know it's going to be alright. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next week. But soon. Soon enough.

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