Friday, February 26

What is the "It List" Anyway?

I'm not sure who else loves to study magazines. And I'm not just talking about reading the articles or beauty tips, although those are incredible. I mean really devour the entire magazine - every single page. Especially the advertisements. I find myself able to spend hours with one magazine going through it again and again. I memorize all the beauty/decorating/etc tips, study how a model poses in an ad, meticulously scrutinize the fashion and rip out all the pages I love and insert them into a organized binder.

The same has been true for when I see something online that I am wowed by. It can be as small as a new hairstyle, a different nail polish color or a cute outfit I would have never thought to put together. I can't help but save the picture to my computer and start looking for more ideas.

I have also been known to spend countless hours looking at random photographers websites. Especially wedding photography. For some reason I just LOVE looking at those photographer's amazing artistic shots.

Another obsession is music. As cheesy as it sounds, I think that music has an incredible power. It can set a mood, ease someone's physical pain, get you pumped, make you cry, or really evoke any feeling. Everyday I have music playing at work, in the car, at home - almost constantly.

So as I found myself daily inspired, from so many different things, I decided I needed to blog about it. This blog will simply be the things I see on a daily basis that blow my mind, inspire me and simply put - that I love.
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